Nihilism in Japanese Anime

Key words: Nihilism, Nietzsche, Japanese, Anime, Film

Marco Oliver discusses ‘that nothing has intrinsic value – has a long history of human
society. This is especially true in the progression of cultural artefacts. Most recently it is
acutely analyzed, very subtly, all aspects in the media.

Anime is focused on as popular art. We investigate if there are any traces of nihilism visible.
Anime was created in a Japanese culture. The purity of the Japans values is bypassed in
their art.

The value system one adapts gives those who apply to it a formula of existence. The death
of religion occurred with the birth and evolution of technology. Nietzsche believed that
nihilism was prepared for by the believes of those who are religious, that the world of time
and space, we inhibit, is not the true world, and therefore its stripped of value.

Value has been stripped from life as the technology loving society prospers. We have
replaced the premier society.

We striped nature of its value with technology. As in the movie Spirited away, where the
water spirit needs to be cleansed from.

The conclusions will be made according to Appolinian (principal of individuation) Dionysian
(mysterious primordial unity) principles. It is implied that we are destroying the purity of
nature with technology…

We struggle to recognise the line between illusion and reality.
The Nihilistic attitude of the Japanese society is displayed strongly in their media. It is linked
to Nietzsche death of religion, nihilism to the culture of the strict samurai. This caused a
major transmission from nature to industrial. With all the examples given in this piece. There
is conflict between traditional values and what is thought of as progress.

Anime exemplifies old traditional values. It focuses on the carefree; no believe in anything,
but your own wellbeing. Nature is being replaced wit technology.

Anime exist for almost any demographic group you can think of. It represents pictures of the
floating world. They discuss issues that are real, somehow our truth, yet they maintain true
to the ‘cartoon’ feel of fantasy. It deals with the consequences of the actions by the
characters portrayal.

Oliver’s article makes it clear that we are moving away from that utopian world we long for,
instead we disintegrate. It has become the district unit of nature.


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